The Secret of Crickley Hall

Series 1 - Episode 3

The Secret of Crickley Hall
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Another outsider arrives to engage with the many ghosts that crowd Crickley Hall’s passageways. Kindly parapsychologist Gordon Pyke (Being Human’s Donald Sumpter) only has Eve and Gabe Caleigh’s best interests at heart as he searches for their missing son, Cam.

But as we flash back to post-Second World War Britain and the orphanage, there’s a terrible storm inching ever closer as barking Augustus Cribben stalks the building, caressing his beloved whip. Cribben is a brute with a long reach, as poor, ill-used, parentless little Stefan knows to his cost.

Yes, yes, it’s overcooked nonsense, but lovers of supernatural thrillers have been well-served by this adaptation of James Herbert’s novel. And yes, I know The Secret of Crickley Hall has paraded every shock tactic in the chiller handbook, but it’s been the perfect accompaniment to autumnal Sunday nights as shadows cluster and the wind howls. Don’t turn off the lights.

About this programme

3/3. Eve receives new information from Lili about her missing son, and while Gabe heads to London to speak to the police, his wife and the girls are left with Gordon at Crickley Hall, where it becomes clear that Cribben's plan to find one final child means everyone's lives are in danger. The parallel storyline back in 1943 unfolds with Percy returning from the war to find Nancy gone - and when he discovers the contents of the punishment book, he confronts the manager about his abusive behaviour. Suranne Jones, Tom Ellis, Douglas Henshall and Sarah Lynch star.

Cast and crew


Eve Caleigh
Suranne Jones
Gabe Caleigh
Tom Ellis
Augustus Cribben
Douglas Henshall
Percy Judd
David Warner
Magda Cribben
Sarah Smart
Young Percy
Iain de Caestecker
Nancy Linnet
Olivia Cooke
Gordon Pyke
Donald Sumpter
Lili Peel
Susan Lynch
Loren Caleigh
Maisie Williams
Maurice Stafford
Bill Milner
Rev Horace
Craig Parkinson
Irene Judd
Julia Ford
Cally Caleigh
Pixie Davies
Stefan Rosenbaum
Kian Parsiani
Susan Trainer
Fern Deacon
DI Michael
Ian Burfield
Cam Caleigh
Elliot Kerley
Elderly Magda
Annie Kelly
Emma Hind


Adapted By
Joe Ahearne
Joe Ahearne
Ann Harrison-Baxter