Antiques Roadshow

Series 35 - 9. Aberystwyth University 2

Aberystwyth University 2
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David Butcher

It’s a glorious day in Aberystwyth when the Roadshow comes calling so the watercolours and vases and figurines are gleaming in the sun. One plate rescued from a skip doesn’t look much though — just a chipped blue-and-white platter with a Jesuit emblem on. Except it’s older than it looks.

There are plenty of heirlooms with family stories attached: one woman brings in four of the one hundred Eisteddfod chairs her great-grandfather won. Then there’s the obsessive collector of Poole pottery, with a pot he loves so much he kisses it every morning.

About this programme

9/25. Fiona Bruce and the team visit Aberystwyth Arts Centre in west Wales, where more hopeful members of the public bring along their antiques and collectibles to hear about their history and learn their worth. Items include a painting that may be by an important Welsh artist, a therapeutic Poole Pottery collection and a kimono with a long and interesting history.

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