The River

Series 1 - 8. Row, Row, Row Your Boat

About this programme

8/8. As the Magus travels to its final destination, one of the crew is shot dead, so Jahel calls upon a spirit for help. Supernatural drama, starring Paulina Gaitan.

Cast and crew


Tess Cole
Leslie Hope
Dr Emmet Cole
Bruce Greenwood
Andreus Jude `AJ' Poulain
Shaun Parkes
Capt Kurt Brynildson
Thomas Kretschmann
Clark Quietly
Paul Blackthorne
Lincoln Cole
Joe Anderson
Emilio Valenzuela
Daniel Zacapa
Jahel Valenzuela
Paulina Gaitan
Lena Landry
Eloise Mumford
Jonas Beckett
Scott Michael Foster

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