Heston's Fantastical Food

Series 1 - 4. Heston and the Giant Sweet Factory

Heston and the Giant Sweet Factory
Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

Two years ago Heston Blumenthal created a Willy Wonka-inspired meal for his series Feast, amazing his guests with lickable wallpaper and a chocolate waterfall. Now he’s taking the idea further, making giant Rolos, roast chicken-flavoured bubble gum and enormous Liquorice Allsorts for the people of Chesterfield to try.

Appropriately, Heston is as excited as a kid in a sweet shop about his experiments: “Ooh I want bubblegum lights, a magic elevator, a Mike TV room to make giant versions of sweets,” he babbles to his sceptical designer. Best of all though are his attempts to make a super-sour sweet. His grimacing, puckering and gurning are hilarious.

About this programme

4/7. Heston Blumenthal opens a Willy Wonka-inspired sweet shop, recreating some of the nation's favourite confectionery on a massive scale. He tries to rustle up an entire meal from chewing gum, puts his own spin on Fruit Pastilles and sets about making the world's biggest Rolos, before inviting the people of Chesterfield to witness his creations, which also include an edible garden.

Cast and crew


Heston Blumenthal


Executive Producer
Jenny Byrom
Series Director
Jay Taylor
Series Producer
Natalie Hill