The Curious Case of the Clark Brothers

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

This true story is the stuff of medical nightmares. Brothers Michael and Matthew Clark from Hull had lived normal lives until their late 30s, unaware
that they carried a rare brain condition called leukodystrophy, which causes a progressive loss of every neurological function.

Their parents, Christine and Tony, were enjoying retirement in Spain when news of their sons’ illness reached them. They returned to the UK to take charge of their 24-hour care in a cramped, one-bedroom flat. This troubling film follows the Clarks as they look after their sons and witness their deterioration into young boys trapped in adults’ bodies.

About this programme

Documentary about Tony and Christine Clark and their two sons Matthew, 39, and Michael, 42, as they live and cope with leukodystrophy - which causes a progressive loss of every neurological function and usually affects children. The brothers developed the condition in their late thirties and their parents had to abandon their life in Spain and return to Hull to look after them. This film follows the Clarks as they struggle with day-to-day life, trying to come to terms with watching their grown-up sons become young boys trapped in adult bodies.

Cast and crew


Stuart Greig
Executive Producer
Sue Bourne
Stuart Greig