Series 1 - 6. Legacies

About this programme

6/23. Oliver is forced to look beyond his father's list when robbers hit a local bank, seriously wounding an off-duty policeman in the process - and Diggle encourages him it would be a good idea as people are always in need of a hero. A suspicious Moira confronts Walter about his recent disappearances in the middle of family functions and Tommy crosses the line with Thea.

Cast and crew


Oliver Queen
Stephen Amell
Laurel Lance
Katie Cassidy
Tommy Merlyn
Colin Donnell
John Diggle
David Ramsey
Thea Queen
Willa Holland
Moira Queen
Susanna Thompson
Det Quentin Lance
Paul Blackthorne
Walter Steele
Colin Salmon
Edward Fyers
Sebastian Dunn
Currie Graham
Felicity Smoak
Emily Rickards
Kyle Schmid