You Have Been Warned

Series 1 - 1. Home-Made Heroes

Home-Made Heroes
Radio Times
Review by:
James Gill

Any excuse to justify time spent watching YouTube clips has to be welcomed. This new science show manages just that by gathering a bunch of physicists and engineers to analyse the science behind some of the internet’s most outlandish backyard boffins. Such as the young man from California who put his pet hamster to good use by creating the first ever hamster-powered vehicle. Or British inventor/stuntman Colin Furze, who built and rode his very own motorcycle Wall of Death in his garden.

It’s all gleefully juvenile, and shows what’s possible when you allow the twin forces of science and stupidity to run amok.

About this programme

1/7. A countdown through the best 20 home-made stunt videos the internet has to offer, beginning with a giant sling in New Zealand and an English wall of death.