Episode 3481

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Ally suggests Ash should accompany Callum to Maddie's funeral, but Martha is suspicious of his motives, and hatches a scheme to discover the mysterious ex-serviceman's secret. Doug contemplates coming clean about his campaign against Brendan as Ste returns home from hospital, and Dodger's desire to reconnect with his biological family places his relationships with Texas and the Savages in jeopardy.

Cast and crew


Ally Gorman
Dan O'Connor
Ash Kane
Holly Weston
Barney Harper-McBride
Tom Scurr
Brendan Brady
Emmett J Scanlan
Callum Kane
Laurie Duncan
Carmel Valentine
Gemma Merna
Dirk Savage
David Kennedy
Mark `Dodger' Savage
Danny Mac
Doug Carter
PJ Brennan
Frankie Osborne
Helen Pearson
Jack Osborne
James McKenna
Jacqui Ashworth
Claire Cooper
Jim McGinn
Dan Tetsell
Lacey Kane
Georgia Burke
Leah Barnes
Ela-May Demircan
Liam Gilmore
James Farrar
Liberty Savage
Abi Phillips
Lucas Hay
Reuban Thwaites
Martha Kane
Carli Norris
Maxine Minniver
Nikki Sanderson
Mercedes Fisher
Jennifer Metcalfe
Mitzeee Minniver
Rachel Shenton
Myra McQueen
Nicole Barber-Lane
Nana McQueen
Diane Langton
Patrick Blake
Jeremy Sheffield
Phoebe Jackson
Mandip Gill
Sienna Blake
Emily Lawrance
Ste Hay
Kieron Richardson
Texas Longford
Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove
Will Savage
James Atherton
DCI Peet
Maria Gough
Bethan Thomas


Bruce Webb
Jonathan Larkin

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