Flintoff: From Lord's to the Ring

Series 1 - Episode 1

Flintoff: From Lord's to the Ring
Radio Times
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James Gill

Given his reputation as the beer-drinking joker of English cricket, Andrew Flintoff’s transformation into professional boxer is certainly surprising. Former team-mate Michael Vaughan calls it “bonkers”, and you can see his point.

A knot tightens in the stomach as the cameras watch Flintoff enter
the ring for the first time against 19-stone sparring partner “Biggie”. He gets a flat nose for his trouble, but emerges with eyes wide and sparkling. It’s the captivated face of a sportsman who’s discovered the spark of competition again – even if it is in the confines of the boxing ring.

About this programme

1/3. Another chance to see the documentary following former England cricketer Andrew Flintoff as he pursues a career as a professional boxer under the guidance of Barry McGuigan. The opening instalment sees Flintoff take part in a sparring session in the gym, before Sugar Ray Leonard drops by to offer some words of inspiration.

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Andrew Flintoff
Barry McGuigan
Sugar Ray Leonard

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