Rookie Blue

Series 3 - 13. I Never

I Never

About this programme

13/13. A prisoner transfer goes awry and a notorious paedophile escapes from custody. The team members face a race against the clock when he kidnaps another girl, and eventually track him down to a hotel - only to discover the victim has been taped to an explosive device. Elsewhere, Chris's family obligations lead him to contemplate joining another division. Crime drama, starring Missy Peregrym and Travis Milne.

Cast and crew


Dov Epstein
Gregory Smith
Gail Peck
Charlotte Sullivan
Andy McNally
Missy Peregrym
Chris Diaz
Travis Milne
Traci Nash
Enuka Okuma
Sam Swarek
Ben Bass
Oliver Shaw
Matt Gordon
Frank Best
Lyriq Bent
Det Jerry Barber
Noam Jenkins
Det Luke Callahan
Eric Johnson
Nick Collins
Peter Mooney


David Wellington
Tassie Cameron