Coronation Street

Episode 7947

About this programme

Kirsty orders a pizza, but when Tommy arrives at the door she kicks up a fuss and claims it is the wrong type. After resolving the situation he misses the bus for his security job, so takes the delivery van instead, but his exhaustion places him in peril. Tracy shocks Steve and Michelle by revealing she has a job at Dev's kebab shop, and as she cranks up her seduction tactics with Ryan, he feels himself slowly succumbing to her charms. Meanwhile, Paul admits he always hated the vase and regrets making Eileen feel uncomfortable in her own home, prompting the pair to plan an overhaul, and Karl begs Stella to take him back.

Cast and crew


Kirsty Soames
Natalie Gumede
Tommy Duckworth
Chris Fountain
Tracy McDonald
Kate Ford
Steve McDonald
Simon Gregson
Michelle Connor
Kym Marsh
Dev Alahan
Jimmi Harkishin
Ryan Connor
Sol Heras
Paul Kershaw
Tony Hirst
Eileen Grimshaw
Sue Cleaver
Karl Munro
John Michie
Stella Price
Michelle Collins


Peter Rose
Phil Collinson
Joe Turner