Inspector George Gently

Series 5 - 1. Gently Northern Soul

Gently Northern Soul
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

The joys of northern soul and the horrors of casual racism arrive in 1968 Newcastle, leaving gruff Inspector Gently and his dullard sidekick, Detective Sergeant Bacchus, facing a wall of prejudice when a young black woman is found dead.

She’d been to a northern soul gig with her best pal (Being Human’s Lenora Crichlow) but, such are the prevailing attitudes that, apart from the victim’s closest family and friends, and Gently (Martin Shaw), no one cares that much. Even Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) is initially dismissive, writing her off as a prostitute. But his lugubrious boss is having none of it.

The handling of such a big, complex issue is well-meaning, but, in the context of a journeyman police drama, it feels lumbering.

About this programme

1/4. The inspector and his ambitious sergeant John Bacchus investigate the murder of Dolores Kenny, a black woman. She is a regular attender of a local club's soul all-nighters, events popular with factory workers from across the racial divide. Gently begins to uncover evidence of prejudice within the local community and his own police force as he seeks to identify the victim's killer. Detective drama set in 1968, starring Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby, with Lenora Crichlow, Craig Conway, Pippa Bennett-Warner and Maggie O'Neill.

Cast and crew


George Gently
Martin Shaw
John Bacchus
Lee Ingleby
Ambrose Kenny
Eamonn Walker
Carol Morford
Lenora Crichlow
Matilda Braithwaite
Maggie O'Neill
Dolores Kenny
Pippa Bennett-Warner
Gary Watts
Craig Conway
Charlie Watts
Philip Correia
Joseph Kenny
Gary Carr
PC Taylor
Simon Hubbard
Alfred Braxton
Cliff Lee
Bernie Watts
John Bowler
Ryan Bernstein
Mrs Stubbs
Tracy Whitwell


Gillies MacKinnon
Faye Dorn
David Kane