The Great British Bake Off

Series 3 - 2. Bread

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

Half a loaf is… well, absolutely no use at all to Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, who this week have set a bread challenge that really sorts out the wheat from the chaff (copyright Sue Perkins, a woman who can’t resist making a whole batch of bread-based puns).

Only three of the contestants are keen bread-makers while the rest are novices, so very sensibly one tries to curry favour with Hollywood
by serving her flat breads with a pint of beer.

Most attempts get short shrift: they’re too salty, almost raw or bland. Just a couple get awarded a brief “not bad”. However, it’s the technical challenge of producing an eight-plait loaf that really gets everyone’s knickers in a twist. At times it looks as though they’re trying to knit a doughy octopus. Crumbs (you can have that one for free, Sue)!

About this programme

2/14. The 11 remaining amateur bakers face three tasks designed to test their bread-making skills, beginning by preparing two varieties of flatbread for judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. The hopefuls then tackle a demanding technical challenge as they try to replicate Paul's recipe for an eight-strand plaited loaf, before receiving the dubious honour of becoming the first contestants in the show's history to make bagels. At the end of the day, Paul and Mary must decide who is this round's Star Baker - and who will be going home. Presented by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins.

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Mel Giedroyc
Sue Perkins
Mary Berry
Paul Hollywood


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Kieran Smith
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Anna Beattie
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Amanda Westwood