Series 1 - 14. Previews

Radio Times
Review by:
Patrick Mulkern

The Bombshell crew are still in Boston, where Rebecca Duvall (Uma Thurman) tanks in the Marilyn suicide scene. Rebecca’s peanut allergy, telegraphed weeks ago, thuds into the plotline, so Ivy and Karen are again vying for the lead. Eileen gets a song at last – cue Anjelica Huston in soft focus, talking her way into Kurt Weill’s September Song. And be prepared for an emetic scene in Sam’s church, where the whole cast are so moved by a gospel number that they exchange meaningful glances that move their characters forward.

About this programme

14/15. The show is performed in front of an audience for the first time at a specially arranged preview, but it becomes clear that one key scene urgently needs rewriting. However, Julia and Tom's professional partnership is on the brink of collapse. Dev tries to cover his latest mistake before Karen can find out about it, and a horrifying incident leaves the cast and crew wondering if someone is trying to scupper the production.

Cast and crew


Julia Houston
Debra Messing
Derek Wills
Jack Davenport
Karen Cartwright
Katharine McPhee
Tom Levitt
Christian Borle
Ivy Lynn
Megan Hilty
Dev Sundaram
Raza Jaffrey
Frank Houston
Brian d'Arcy James
Ellis Boyd
Jaime Cepero
Eileen Rand
Anjelica Huston
Rebecca Duvall
Uma Thurman
Sam Strickland
Leslie Odom Jr
Michael Swift
Will Chase
Darryl F Zannuck
Marc Kudisch
Thorsten Kaye
Leo Houston
Emory Cohen
Randall Jones
Sean Dugan
Ronald Strickland
Isiah Whitlock Jr
Vanessa Strickland
Elain R Graham
Phillip Spaeth


Robert Duncan McNeill
David Marshall Grant