The Killing

Series 2 - 12. Donnie or Marie

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

There are nine hours to go until the polls open in the Mayoral election, and detectives Linden and Holder are skulking around City Hall. They now know whose office can be opened with the pass key dropped by Rosie Larsen, so the office’s occupant must have killed her? Right, case closed. Everyone go home. But not quite. This is the penultimate episode so there’s still plenty of time for obfuscation. There are recriminations too. Mitch is back home in her grieving household and Terry, her put-upon sister, stops being a doormat for a minute to fire a few heat-seeking home truths missiles. About time.

About this programme

12/13. Sarah makes a deal with the mayor to save her investigation, before she and Holder narrow their list of suspects to two. Mitch returns home, but the tensions among the Larsens remain - and she discovers some people are still unwilling to forgive her departure. Meanwhile, the Richmond campaign nervously awaits the results of the election.

Cast and crew


Sarah Linden
Mireille Enos
Darren Richmond
Billy Campbell
Stephen Holder
Joel Kinnaman
Mitch Larsen
Michelle Forbes
Stan Larsen
Brent Sexton
Gwen Eaton
Kristin Lehman
Jamie Wright
Eric Ladin
Terry Marek
Jamie Anne Allman
Mayor Lesley Adams
Tom Butler
Rosie Larsen
Katie Findlay
Ruth Yitanes
Lee Garlington
Nicole Jackson
Claudia Ferri
Benjamin Abani
Colin Lawrence
Gil Sloane
Brian Markinson
Tom Larsen
Evan Bird
Denny Larsen
Seth Isaac Johnson
Roberta Drays
Patti Kim
Michael Ames
Barclay Hope
Ravi Kinberg
Pablo Silveira
Senator Eaton
Alan Dale


Keith Gordon
Aaron Zelman
Wendy Riss