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Knock-Out Scousers: True Stories

Radio Times
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Jane Rackham

Natasha Jonas is the most unlikely looking boxer, but this year this 27-year-old from Liverpool will be the first female fighter to represent Team GB in the Olympics. Here, we follow her and two other potential Olympians (Jazza Dickens and Tom Stalker) over two years through the qualifying rounds. Yet this is no Raging Bull tale. As GB coach Dave Alloway says when summing up Natasha’s Olympic selection: “She’ll end up being a question in a pub quiz or Trivial Pursuit – that’s how big it’s going to be.”

About this programme

The lives of three amateur boxers from Liverpool trying to make the British squad for the 2012 Olympics. Tom Stalker was involved in petty crime as a teenager but credits boxing with transforming his life, while Natasha Jonas hopes to represent her country at the first Games in which women will be allowed to fight for gold. However, James `Jazza' Dickens is unsure whether Olympic glory is his real goal - and considers turning professional rather than competing at the Games.

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Tom Stalker
Natasha Jonas
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Steve Read
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Morgan Matthews
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