From Here to Maternity

Series 2 - Episode 1

Radio Times
Review by:
Claire Webb

Stockpile the hankies: Ireland’s answer to One Born Every Minute is just as much of a tear-jerker, and new episodes are shown back to back all afternoon.

“That sounds painful!” chuckles a nurse at Cork University Maternity Hospital in the first of the new series, barely bothering to glance up from her paperwork. Next door, florid mum-to-be Trudie is beyond speech as her ashen husband mops her brow. Katherine – mother of five children under four – stops running around long enough to say she’ll buy a pet next time she feels broody.

But it’s Anita for whom your heart will really ache: she’s on her sixth pregnancy after five miscarriages.

About this programme

1/6. Documentary offering an insight into the daily lives of staff and patients at Cork University Maternity Hospital. Consultant Keelin O'Donaghue monitors the progress of the pregnancy of a woman who has had five miscarriages, and a man who is a step-parent to two teenagers prepares to become a father for the first time.