The Simpsons

Series 23 - 6. The Book Job

The Book Job
Radio Times
Review by:
David Crawford

It’s the turn of Harry Potter and Twilight to receive a sideswipe as the ugly truth of the young adult book market is revealed – featuring a Mr Burns-a-like evil publisher and Neil Gaiman as a scamming author. The writing’s sharp and witty; it’s good to have the family back at their best.

About this programme

6/22. Homer becomes an author of children's books, calling on the help of an acclaimed fantasy writer. Their book receives the attention of an important book publisher. With the voices of Neil Gaiman and Andy Garcia.

Cast and crew


Homer Simpson
Dan Castellaneta
Marge Simpson
Julie Kavner
Bart Simpson
Nancy Cartwright
Lisa Simpson
Yeardley Smith
Neil Gaiman
Book publisher
Andy Garcia