Series 2 - 1. Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call

About this programme

1/13. The humans with unusual powers reassemble in a bid to save Gary and Bill, who are taken hostage by evil pyrotechnic Cornell Scipio after he interrogates Dr Rosen.

Cast and crew


Dr Lee Rosen
David Strathairn
Gary Bell
Ryan Cartwright
Cameron Hicks
Warren Christie
Rachel Pirzad
Azita Ghanizada
Nina Theroux
Laura Mennell
Bill Harken
Malik Yoba
Cornell Scipio
Elias Toufexis
Nathan Clay
Mahershala Ali
Danielle Rosen
Kathleen Munroe
Stanton Parish
John Pyper-Ferguson


Matthew Hastings
Executive Producer
Ira Stephen Behr
Executive Producer
Zak Penn
Executive Producer
Gail Berman
Executive Producer
Lloyd Braun
Executive Producer
Gene Stein
Executive Producer
Robert Hewitt Wolfe

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