The Revolting World of Stanley Brown

The Revolting World of Stanley Brown
Radio Times
Review by:
Emma Sturgess

Gross and also educational, this new sitcom follows experimenter extraordinaire Stanley Brown as he turns his world into a lab. In the future, Stanley will be the father of a dynasty of inventors. As the series starts he enjoys the first of many visits from one of his less talented descendants, Archie, fresh from the future, keen to learn from the master.

About this programme

A revolting sitcom about 13-year-old Stanley Brown, who shares his insatiable curiosity about the revolting world around him with a chaotic time traveller, Archie, and his best friends Mike and Jess. Stanley is always in trouble but each week he finds a new and exciting way to come out on top, delighting in the mess and mayhem the world throws at him. The Brown family move to their new home after having to leave their last one because 13-year-old Stanley Brown used it for one of his disgusting experiments. He's promised his mum that there will be no more exploding bogey balls, slug discos or any other revolting experiments but as the new neighbours arrive there is a rather nasty surprise in store.