Episode 3436

About this programme

Doug realises he must either accept Ste's history with Brendan or move on with his life, and ends up making a far-reaching decision. Cindy and Rhys agree to make their passionate encounter a one-off, and the students look for a way to force Tony to bring their tenancy to an end after finding their dream apartment.

Cast and crew


Annalise Appleton
Tamaryn Payne
Barney Harper-McBride
Tom Scurr
Bart McQueen
Jonny Clarke
Brendan Brady
Emmett J Scanlan
Cheryl Brady
Bronagh Waugh
Cindy Longford
Stephanie Waring
Darren Osborne
Ashley Taylor Dawson
Diane O'Connor
Alex Fletcher
Doug Carter
PJ Brennan
Frankie Osborne
Helen Pearson
Jack Osborne
James McKenna
Jacqui McQueen
Claire Cooper
Martin `Jono' Johnson
Dylan Llewellyn
Leanne Holiday
Jessica Forrest
Mercedes Fisher
Jennifer Metcalfe
Mitzeee Minniver
Rachel Shenton
Myra McQueen
Nicole Barber-Lane
Nancy Osborne
Jessica Fox
Neil Cooper
Tosin Cole
Phoebe Jackson
Mandip Gill
Rhys Ashworth
Andrew Moss
Riley Costello
Rob Norbury
Rob Edwards
David Atkins
Sinead O'Connor
Stephanie Davis
Ste Hay
Kieron Richardson
Tony Hutchinson
Nick Pickard
Neil Newbon
Carl Costello
Paul Opacic
DI Beckett
Ava Hunt
Josie Taylor
Christopher Bowen
Family liaison officer
Georgina Lamb


David Beauchamp
Kevin Rundle