The Simpsons

Series 10 - 9. Mayored to the Mob

Mayored to the Mob

About this programme

9/23. Homer accidentally saves Mayor Quimby from a rioting mob and is appointed his official bodyguard, but finds himself up against local gangster Fat Tony. Featuring the guest voice of Mark Hamill (Star Wars).

Cast and crew


Homer/Krusty/Barney/Mayor Quimby/Various others
Dan Castellaneta
Marge Simpson
Julie Kavner
Bart Simpson
Nancy Cartwright
Lisa Simpson
Yeardley Smith
Fat Tony
Joe Mantegna
Mark Hamill
Moe/Apu/Chief Wiggum/Various others
Hank Azaria
Comic Book Lady
Maggie Roswell
Milhouse Van Houten
Pamela Hayden
Edna Krabappel
Marcia Wallace


Swinton O Scott III
Ron Hauge