Martina Cole's The Runaway

Series 1 - Episode 3

About this programme

3/6. Desrae takes Cathy under her wing following a close shave with an attacker, and advises her to lie low in Soho, where the teenager meets the policeman who helped her escape her mother. Meanwhile, Eamonn tries to get back into Dixon's good books, but a reunion with Cathy results in a chain of events that forces him to leave the country. Drama, starring Joanna Vanderham and Jack O'Connell.

Cast and crew


Joanna Vanderham
Eamonn Docherty
Jack O'Connell
Alan Cumming
Joey Pasqualino
Ken Stott
Danny Dixon
Keith Allen
Richard Gates
Burn Gorman
Eammon Docherty Snr
Mark Womack
Kierston Wareing

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