A Touch of Frost

Series 5 - 2. House Calls

House Calls

About this programme

2/4. Dour DI Jack Frost suspects a man he arrested years before for a series of bizarre assaults on children could have returned to the area and recommenced his unsavoury activities. He tracks down the culprit, who swears he has turned over a new leaf, and decides not to charge him - a decision that shocks fellow sleuth DS Maud, whose misgivings are later justified in tragic fashion. Starring David Jason, Peter Gunn, Susannah Doyle, Bruce Alexander, John Lyons and Gwyneth Powell.

Cast and crew


DI Jack Frost
David Jason
Sydney Snell
Peter Gunn
DS Liz Maud
Susannah Doyle
Supt Stanley Mullett
Bruce Alexander
DS Toolan
John Lyons
Kitty Rayford
Gwyneth Powell
Nurse Julie
Emer Gillespie
Norman Tyrrell
Sgt Wells
Paul Moriarty
Mark Grover
Tom Radcliffe
Phil Collard
Ian Peck


Graham Theakston
Martyn Auty
Malcolm Bradbury

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