The British

Series 1 - 1. Treasure Islands

Treasure Islands
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Radio Times
Review by:
David Crawford

Sky has the best US dramas, top-notch UK comedy talent, and
now they’re going after the landmark documentary. In seven episodes this history lesson attempts to tell the story of the British peoples from the time of the Celts. It’s aimed squarely at children aged seven to 14, and is replete with whooshing CGI and visceral reconstructions.

About this programme

1/7. A history of the British Isles from ancient times to the present day, featuring re-enactments of major events and historic turning points. The series begins in 58 AD and reveals how the arrival of a 10,000-strong Roman army changed England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland for ever. The programme also explores the achievements of early Britons, including the construction of Stonehenge, and explores social structures that held sway before the invasion.