Series 1 - 2. Hedging Your Bets

Hedging Your Bets
Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

Larry Hagman’s eyebrows are so wild that they deserve a screen credit of their own, and in episode two they’re wriggling away like crazy as JR schemes to steal Southfork away from Bobby. On the surface, he appears to be contrite. There’s flattery for Sue Ellen at the Cattle Baron’s Ball (where he makes an appearance on a zimmer frame) and assurances for his brother that he’s now a changed man.

But don’t count the wily old bird out yet: just witness the way he reverts to his former ruthlessness when chastising John Ross – “Son, never pass up a good chance to shut up,” he scolds, before heading off for his physical therapy with an attractive blonde by the name of Candy.

About this programme

2/10. JR quietly continues his underhand deal to seize control of Southfork, but becomes suspicious of John Ross's relationship with the Del Sol family. Rebecca suggests Christopher should cancel their honeymoon to focus on business, even though it means working with his ex-fiancee Elena - who is still trying to uncover the truth about the end of their engagement. Meanwhile, Bobby struggles to keep his diagnosis a secret. Reboot of the classic Texan soap, starring Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe and Larry Hagman.

Cast and crew


John Ross Ewing
Josh Henderson
Christopher Ewing
Jesse Metcalfe
Elena Ramos
Jordana Brewster
Rebecca Sutter
Julie Gonzalo
Ann Ewing
Brenda Strong
Bobby Ewing
Patrick Duffy
Sue Ellen Ewing
Linda Gray
JR Ewing
Larry Hagman
Tommy Sutter
Callard Harris
Marta Del Sol
Leonor Varela
Carlos Del Sol
Castulo Guerra
Mitch Lobell
Richard Dillard
Clyde Marshall
Brett Brock
Audrea Ulmer
Dillon Cosgrove
Alan Ackles


Michael M Robin
Executive Producer
Cynthia Cidre
Executive Producer
Michael M Robin
Cynthia Cidre