30 Rock

Series 6 - 12. St Patrick's Day

Radio Times
Review by:
Claire Webb

Back after a break, Tina Fey’s satire of the television industry isn’t as keen-edged as it used to be, but it’s still one of the sharpest comedies out there. Tonight dumb and dumber — Jenna (Jane Krakowski) and Tracy (Tracy Morgan) — are hosting live coverage of St Patrick’s Day with predictably shambolic results.

Meanwhile, an old flame puts Liz’s relationship in jeopardy (yet again) and Jack bares his soul to an uninterested priest... Savour it: the next series will be the last.

About this programme

12/22. Jack applies capitalist principles to a strategy game played by the TGS writing staff in a bid to prove he has still got a head for business. Elsewhere, Hazel acts as peacekeeper between Tracy and Jenna. Comedy, starring Alec Baldwin.

Cast and crew


Jack Donaghy
Alec Baldwin
Liz Lemon
Tina Fey
Tracy Jordan
Tracy Morgan
Jenna Maroney
Jane Krakowski
Kenneth Parcell
Jack McBrayer
Kristen Schaal