Horizon: How Small Is the Universe?

Horizon: How Small Is the Universe?
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David Butcher

In an elegant companion piece to last week’s film about the vast scale of the universe, this week we look at the tiniest things there are. The image of smaller and smaller Russian dolls keeps cropping up as scientists unpack layers of matter down to the infinitesimal. We learn about space-time foam and 11-dimensional hyper-space, and along the way, there are lovely descriptions to explain it all. As one of the Large Hadron Collider’s designers says, it’s “like colliding two clocks together and then sweeping up the mess to try to figure out how the clock works”.

About this programme

Scientists discuss their attempts to find the universe's smallest object, and explain why their studies may lead to the discovery of phenomena including miniature black holes, multiple dimensions and possibly parallel universes. The programme also reveals how research into disciplines including string theory and particle physics may completely transform mankind's understanding of the laws of time and space.

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Toby Macdonald
Toby Macdonald
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