Person of Interest

Series 1 - 4. Cura Te Ipsum

Cura Te Ipsum
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

This is a very enjoyable and well bolted-together drama. But I’ve got a funny feeling that the Machine is going to highlight potential victims each week who, more often than not, are pretty young career women. This week’s example is a doctor who uses her rare non-working hours to hang out in a cocktail bar rejecting chat-ups. Is she being stalked?

Reese uses his remarkable powers as a pickpocket and burglar to reveal a sadder story, one that throws up a moral dilemma for him and Finch. Look out for the scene where Reese takes out a roomful of drug dealers in the time it takes a Mexican TV commentator to celebrate a goal.

About this programme

4/23. The Machine directs Reese toward Megan Tillman, a doctor who is seemingly devoted to her job. However, despite working 80 hours a week, she also appears to be dabbling in New York's nightlife - and may have attracted a dangerous admirer. Reese puts pressure on Fusco, his reluctant police informant, to find out more, but discovers the relationship is not what it seems. Guest starring Linda Cardellini (ER).

Cast and crew


John Reese
Jim Caviezel
Harold Finch
Michael Emerson
Det Joss Carter
Taraji P Henson
Det Lionel Fusco
Kevin Chapman
Detective Kane
Anthony Mangano
Dr Megan Tillman
Linda Cardellini
Andrew Benton
Adam Rothenberg
Manny Perez
Kristen Bush
Capt Womack
John Fiore
Lee Fusco
Sean McCarthy


Charles Beeson
Denise The