Coronation Street

Episode 7886

Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

Simon’s bad behaviour escalates, from screaming at Peter “I hate you, I wish you weren’t me dad” to breaking open bottles of wine. With Peter questioning his family set-up after finding Simon unconscious, Carla begins to wonder if Weatherfield trams stay on the rails longer than her relationships.

Looking even more unstable in this hour-long episode are gruesome twosome Karl and Sunita (surely a latterday Dev and Deirdre?) whose affair takes a disconcerting turn. Just how will Karl react when a wild-eyed Sunita tells him her marriage is over for good? By getting a restraining order, if he has any sense.

About this programme

Hour-long episode. Simon leaves school without permission and shuts himself in a cupboard at home as a frantic search is launched. While hiding, he finds some wine stashed away by Carla, and Peter later discovers him unconscious on the sofa with the open bottle. Elsewhere, Dev begs Sunita to give their relationship another chance, but she has already assured Karl that he is the man she wants, and Nick leaves Eva in the lurch at the overstretched Bistro to help Leanne.

Cast and crew


Simon Barlow
Alex Bain
Carla Connor
Alison King
Peter Barlow
Chris Gascoyne
Dev Alahan
Jimmi Harkishin
Sunita Alahan
Shobna Gulati
Karl Munro
John Michie
Nick Tilsley
Ben Price
Eva Price
Catherine Tyldesley
Leanne Barlow
Jane Danson
Audrey Roberts
Sue Nicholls
Maria Connor
Samia Ghadie
Marcus Dent
Charlie Condou
Stella Price
Michelle Collins
Sophie Webster
Brooke Vincent
Aadi Alahan
Zennon Ditchett
Asha Alahan
Tanisha Gorey
Brian Packham
Peter Gunn
Gary Windass
Mikey North
Ken Barlow
William Roache
David Platt
Jack P Shepherd
Gail McIntyre
Helen Worth
Jason Grimshaw
Ryan Thomas
Police officer
Giles Ford
Sue Kelly


Graeme Harper
Phil Collinson
Simon Crowther