Harry's Law

Series 1 - 1. Pilot

Radio Times
Review by:
David Crawford

Has David E Kelley, the king of quirky legal dramas, finally lost his touch? This new series stars Kathy Bates as yet another maverick lawyer from the stockpile of the creator of Ally McBeal and Boston Legal. She is Harriet Korn, a disillusioned patent lawyer who, after being fired from her high-profile job, walks into a series of improbable situations — having a suicidal man land on her from six storeys; miraculously surviving being hit by a car — that lead her to set herself up as a criminal lawyer in a shoe shop in a down-at-heel neighbourhood.

It may sound so ludicrous as to give you a migraine, but Kelley and Bates keep it fun, and funny. Even the trademark liberal grandstanding in the courtroom is nicely undercut
by a great turn by Paul McCrane (Romano from ER) as a fast-talking, bumptious DA.

About this programme

1/12. Kathy Bates stars in this quirky drama from Ally McBeal and Boston Legal creator David E Kelley. A disillusioned patent lawyer decides to make a fresh start after being fired from her job, and sets up a new practice in an abandoned shoe store. Her first client is a man facing drugs charges, who crosses her path while trying to commit suicide. With Brittany Snow, Nate Corddry and Aml Ameen.

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Harriet Korn
Kathy Bates
Adam Branch
Nate Corddry
Jenna Backstrom
Brittany Snow
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Aml Ameen