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Series 1 - 9. Playhouse Presents: The Man

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Review by:
Mark Braxton

This provocative mini-drama from Sandi Toksvig begins cryptically, with a fledgeling banker (Hayley Atwell) invited to a huge country pile to meet new clients. They include a professor (Stephen Fry) and his colleague (Zoë Wanamaker), plus a mysterious Swede – the Man of the title (Stellan Skarsgaard). Over a card game she learns just how wide-ranging her remit is when their discussions take in China, Sars and al-Qaeda. “I feel like I’m in some kind of f***ing Dan Brown novel,” she explodes.

Stephen Fry is suitably Fry-ish and academic, while the “people and power” theme plays out chillingly. It’s another impressive, starry outing in an anthology series that gives writers freedom to gamble.

About this programme

9/10. Sandi Toksvig's drama starring Hayley Atwell as a young banker who visits a hotel to meet some clients - but ends up receiving a horrifying lesson in how the world really works from a trio of power-brokers. With Zoe Wanamaker, Stephen Fry and Stellan Skarsgard.

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The banker
Hayley Atwell
The European
Stephen Fry
The woman
Zoe Wanamaker
The man
Stellan Skarsgard
Security guard
Tony Cosh


Sandi Toksvig