Home and Away

Episode 5519

Home and Away

About this programme

Casey is surprised to be questioned by the police for assaulting Mr Townsend, and Gina tries to persuade him to reconsider pressing charges. Sasha encourages Dex to ask Lottie out, and Roo tells Harvey he should spend more time with his daughter. Brax discovers Hayley has not left Summer Bay.

Cast and crew


Casey Braxton
Lincoln Younes
Dave Townsend
Ryan Gibson
Gina Palmer
Sonia Todd
Sasha Bezmel
Demi Harman
Dexter Walker
Charles Cottier
Lottie Ryan
Morgan Weaving
Roo Stewart
Georgie Parker
Harvey Ryan
Marcus Graham
Darryl `Brax' Braxton
Steve Peacocke
Hayley O'Connor
Alyssa McClelland


Lucy Addario