30 Rock

Series 6 - 11. Standards and Practices

Standards and Practices

About this programme

11/22. The day of the America's Kidz Got Singing final arrives, bringing Jack back into contact with his arch-enemy - Hank Hooper's teenage granddaughter Kaylie. Meanwhile, A debacle involving drunken juveniles during the talent show prompts Kenneth to introduce even more stringent broadcasting standards policies at NBC, and Jenna tries to improve her image by tracking down the six children born as a result of her time as an egg donor. Guest starring Chloe Moretz.

Cast and crew


Jack Donaghy
Alec Baldwin
Liz Lemon
Tina Fey
Tracy Jordan
Tracy Morgan
Jenna Maroney
Jane Krakowski
Kenneth Parcell
Jack McBrayer
Hank Hooper
Ken Howard
Kaylie Hooper
Chloe Moretz