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Series 10 - 23. Family Guy Viewer Mail 2

Family Guy Viewer Mail 2
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

The Griffins become English, complete with terrible teeth and even worse British accents, to star in a new TV series (“brought to you by BBC1”), Chap of the Manor, which takes its place in the schedules alongside Wheel of Politeness.

It’s an excruciating farce, in which Peter is convinced he’s related to the Queen (voiced by Cate Blanchett) and decides to steal a lock of her hair for DNA testing. Listen closely and you’ll hear Tom Hollander, Chris O’Dowd and Ioan Gruffudd in guest roles.

It’s a portmanteau episode, though, and the best segment is the clever Point of Stew, where we get to see a day through the eyes of Stewie, the homicidal baby.

About this programme

23/23. Stories inspired by viewers' letters, featuring a look at the world from Stewie's point of view and a British version of the Griffins. Peter also gains the power to turn everyone in Quahog into Robin Williams by touching them.

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