Episode 6399


About this programme

Rhys helps Vanessa move her cooking equipment into Lucas's house, and finds himself increasingly drawn to her. Though he tries to deny the attraction, Elaine notices how he feels - and urges him to follow his heart. Sheila realises Lou is scamming Vera and decides to expose him, while Kate tries to convince herself to stay out of Jade and Kyle's relationship.

Cast and crew


Rhys Lawson
Ben Barber
Vanessa Villante
Alin Sumarwata
Lucas Fitzgerald
Scott Major
Elaine Lawson
Sancia Robinson
Sheila Canning
Colette Mann
Lou Carpenter
Tom Oliver
Vera Munro
Marie-Therese Byrne
Kate Ramsay
Ashleigh Brewer
Jade Mitchell
Gemma Pranita
Kyle Canning
Chris Milligan


Executive Producer
Richard Jasek

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