Desperate Housewives

Series 7 - 13. I'm Still Here

I'm Still Here

About this programme

13/23. Lynette's mother Stella (played by Polly Bergen) arrives in town with news that she is about to marry, but her choice of obnoxious husband-to-be (Larry Hagman) dismays her daughter. Meanwhile, a car-jacking helps Carlos to understand Gabrielle's fragile state of mind, and Paul is devastated by the thought that Beth has been accepted as one of Wisteria Lane's meddling home-makers - but a visit from the police makes him abandon speculation about his wife's loyalties.

Cast and crew


Susan Delfino
Teri Hatcher
Lynette Scavo
Felicity Huffman
Bree Van de Kamp
Marcia Cross
Gabrielle Solis
Eva Longoria
Renee Perry
Vanessa Williams
Carlos Solis
Ricardo Antonio Chavira
Paul Young
Mark Moses
Beth Young
Emily Bergl
Stella Wingfield
Polly Bergen
Frank Kaminsky
Larry Hagman
Tom Scavo
Doug Savant
Karen McCluskey
Kathryn Joosten
Lee McDermott
Kevin Rahm
Bob Hunter
Tuc Watkins
Porter Scavo
Charlie Carver
Parker Scavo
Joshua Logan Moore


Lonny Price
Josann McGibbon
Sara Parriott