Series 4 - 1. The Long Way Down Job

The Long Way Down Job
Radio Times
Review by:
Mark Braxton

An effective change of scene for the Stateside Hustlers as season four opens. More used to poker tables and gleaming skyscrapers, Nate (Timothy Hutton) and his scam squad are out of their comfort zone in the Alaskan mountains (really Oregon in blizzard conditions).

They’re tying to discover the fate of a missing climber who has evidence to take down a corrupt financier. Eric Stoltz has a small but moving cameo in a story that’s more gritty and less knockabout than the norm.

About this programme

1/18. Nate and the team race to the top of a mountain, where they hope to recover lost evidence crucial to their mission to take down a corrupt financier. However, their expedition is threatened by a gang of hired guns and dangerous weather conditions. Crime drama, starring Timothy Hutton.

Cast and crew


Nathan Ford
Timothy Hutton
Eliot Spencer
Christian Kane
Sophie Devereaux
Gina Bellman
Alec Hardison
Aldis Hodge
Beth Riesgraf
Alan Scott
Eric Stoltz