Grey's Anatomy

Series 8 - 24. Flight

Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

Grey’s always pulls out the stops for its finales, but this year’s is a real doozy. When we left the docs, the plane they’d been travelling in had crashed and Meredith was looking none too clever on a forest floor. Could this development be the beginning of a Lost-style scenario in which those left breathing flee a cloud of black smoke?

Creator Shonda Rhimes has said — and here follows a slight spoiler — that not everyone gets out alive: “It’s a big death and it’s fairly shocking,” she commented. Prepare for tears to be shed.

About this programme

24/24. After spending months calculating their next career moves and making important decisions in their relationships, the residents are thrown into a life-threatening situation. In the battle for survival, Bailey and Ben make a decision about their future, and Teddy contemplates an appealing offer. Last in the series.

Cast and crew


Meredith Grey
Ellen Pompeo
Derek Shepherd
Patrick Dempsey
Cristina Yang
Sandra Oh
Richard Webber
James Pickens Jr
Miranda Bailey
Chandra Wilson
Mark Sloan
Eric Dane
Lexie Grey
Chyler Leigh
Alex Karev
Justin Chambers
Callie Torres
Sara Ramirez
Owen Hunt
Kevin McKidd
Arizona Robbins
Jessica Capshaw
Jackson Avery
Jesse Williams
Teddy Altman
Kim Raver
April Kepner
Sarah Drew