Breakout Kings

Series 1 - 8. Steaks


About this programme

8/13. Two inmates stow away inside a coffin to escape from prison, but one of the felons murders a guard, annoying his co-conspirator, who has different plans for his newfound freedom. Ray makes the chase more interesting for Erica, Shea and Lloyd, by promising a steak dinner to the person who proves most useful on the case.

Cast and crew


Julianne Simms
Brooke Nevin
Ray Zancanelli
Domenick Lombardozzi
Lloyd Lowery
Jimmi Simpson
Shea Daniels
Malcolm Goodwin
Charlie Duchamp
Laz Alonso
Erica Reed
Serinda Swan


Executive Producer
Gavin Hood
Executive Producer
Matt Olmstead
Executive Producer
Nick Santora
Executive Producer
Peter Chernin
Executive Producer
Katherine Pope