Series 1 - 6. Chemistry

Radio Times
Review by:
Patrick Mulkern

Smash has a great cast, a mix of terrific songs both old and new, but a book, ie storyline, barely worth the paper it’s scrawled on. Leading lady Ivy has a sore throat. Director Derek is a pig. Leading man Michael is randy. Lyricist Julia falls for his charms. That cliché-o-meter is clanging away!

This episode is worth catching to see how Anjelica Huston seizes every line as if it were not witless drivel, and for Katharine McPhee’s cover of Florence and the Machine’s Shake It Out. She’s once again simply stunning.

About this programme

6/15. Ivy panics when her voice fails her, and Derek pushes her to take drugs to fix the problem - regardless of their potential side effects. Karen is offered a gig at a bar mitzvah, but struggles to get to grips with Jewish traditions, and Julia tries to avoid Michael after Frank returns home. Meanwhile, Eileen is introduced to an unfamiliar side of New York life.

Cast and crew


Julia Houston
Debra Messing
Derek Wills
Jack Davenport
Karen Cartwright
Katharine McPhee
Tom Levitt
Christian Borle
Ivy Lynn
Megan Hilty
Dev Sundaram
Raza Jaffrey
Frank Houston
Brian d'Arcy James
Ellis Boyd
Jaime Cepero
Eileen Rand
Anjelica Huston
Michael Swift
Will Chase
Leo Houston
Emory Cohen
Phillip Spaeth
Monica Swift
Michelle Federer
Artie Swift
Blake Johnson
John Goodwin
Neal Bledsoe
Sam Strickland
Leslie Odom Jr
Thorsten Kaye
Barry Schwartzman
Geoffrey Cantor
Savannah Wise
Ann Harada


Dan Attias
Jacquelyn Reingold