New Tricks

Series 7 - 10. The Fourth Man

The Fourth Man

About this programme

10/10. Retired DI Frank Patterson presents the team with information regarding the getaway car used in a 30-year-old safety deposit-box robbery. They discover the former detective not only wants to convict the suspected thief of the heist and murder of his three colleagues, but also prove that a high-ranking officer was involved in the plot - jeopardising the future of Sandra's Ucos unit. Phil Daniels guest stars. Last in the series.

Cast and crew


Brian Lane
Alun Armstrong
Jack Halford
James Bolam
Sandra Pullman
Amanda Redman
Gerry Standing
Dennis Waterman
DAC Robert Strickland
Anthony Calf
Frank Patterson
Phil Daniels
DAC John Felsham
John Shrapnel
Miranda Armstrong
Genevieve O'Reilly
Tony Mills
Brian Croucher
George Milligan
Jimmy Yuill
Christine Johnson
Heather Wright
Elaine Murray
Rosalind March
Michael Denby
Roy Boyd
Anne Hargreaves
Georgia Glen
Aimee Parkes


Julian Simpson
Keith Thompson
Julian Simpson