Series 4 - 14. The Blue Butterfly

The Blue Butterfly

About this programme

14/23. Beckett and Castle visit the Pennybaker, a former nightclub with a notorious history, and now the site of a fatal shooting. The victim is revealed to be an avid treasure-hunter obsessed with locating a jewel-encrusted necklace went missing in 1947, and when Castle finds the diary of a hard-boiled 1940s detective Joe Flynn on the man's body, he uses the entries within to imagine himself in the role of the private eye in an attempt to shed light on both the necklace's disappearance and the modern-day murder. Crime drama, starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic.

Cast and crew


Richard Castle/Joe Flynn
Nathan Fillion
Kate Beckett/Vera Mulqueen
Stana Katic
Martha Rodgers/Florence Kennard
Susan Sullivan
Javier Esposito/Dempsey's Cuban
Jon Huertas
Kevin Ryan/Dempsey's Irishman
Seamus Dever
Lanie Parish/Betsy Sinclair
Tamala Jones
Alexis Castle/Sally Scofield
Molly Quinn
Capt Victoria Gates
Penny Johnson Jerald
Tom Dempsey/Tom Dempsey III
Mark Pellegrino
Jerry Maddox
Chad Everett
West Side Wally
Lorin McCraley
Adam Bay
Luella McManus
Sarah Lilly
Darin Toonder
Jared Ward
Clyde Bellasco
Patrick Cassidy
Viola Maddox
Ellen Geer


Chuck Bowman
Terence Paul Winter