Episode 6391


About this programme

Summer strikes up a rapport with Red Cotton's singer Griffin - and they eventually end up kissing. However, she is mortified when she realises Andrew has seen them. Susan decides she cannot ignore her health issues any longer, but seeks advice from Rhys rather than Karl.

Cast and crew


Aidan Foster
Bob Morley
Ajay Kapoor
Sachin Joab
Andrew Robinson
Jordan Patrick Smith
Callum Jones
Morgan Baker
Charlotte McKemmie
Meredith Penman
Chris Pappas
James Mason
Fiona Meldrum
Meredith Chipperton
George Pappas
Lliam Amor
Griffin O'Donahue
William Ewing
Jade Mitchell
Gemma Pranita
Jessica Girdwood
Glenda Linscott
Karl Kennedy
Alan Fletcher
Kate Ramsay
Ashleigh Brewer
Kyle Canning
Chris Milligan
Lou Carpenter
Tom Oliver
Lucas Fitzgerald
Scott Major
Natasha Williams
Valentina Novakovic
Paul Robinson
Stefan Dennis
Priya Kapoor
Menik Gooneratne
Rani Kapoor
Coco-Jacinta Cherian
Rhys Lawson
Ben Barber
Sheila Canning
Colette Mann
Sonya Mitchell
Eve Morey
Sophie Ramsay
Kaiya Jones
Summer Hoyland
Jordy Lucas
Susan Kennedy
Jackie Woodburne
Toadfish Rebecchi
Ryan Moloney
Vanessa Villante
Alin Sumarwata


Executive Producer
Richard Jasek

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