Dirty Britain

Series 1 - Episode 2

Dirty Britain

About this programme

2/2. Conclusion. The remarkable and sometimes shocking things that clean-up teams discover behind the nation's front doors. In south-west London, domestic maids find out how fussy some homeowners are about dirt and grime, and across the city, pest controller Jim deals with a property overrun by pigeons. Sewers in Manchester are clogged up with objects that don't belong down there, while Matt and John face the unpleasant task of cleaning up after the deaths of people who live alone and whose bodies were not discovered for some time. In Knightsbridge, Gurchan's car wash is kept busy polishing the cars of Britain's super rich.

Cast and crew


Zoe Wanamaker


Deborah Lovett
Executive Producer
Paul Hamann
Deborah Lovett
Series Producer
Barnaby Peel

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