Series 7 - 2. Life Beyond the Edge

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

Nick Crane doesn’t half lay it on thick. Visiting the Isles of Scilly he reminds us earnestly at one point that “the land I’m on is living on borrowed time. Soon the sea will surge in to reclaim its domain.” He means the tide is coming in.

But it’s in the nature of this series to romanticise things to a level of misty-eyed reverence that is either winning or a bit absurd, depending on your taste.

As Crane experiences “the eternal waltz between land and sea” (that’s the tides again), Andy Torbet is on the Isle of Lewis meeting sea shepherds and Hermione Cockburn is looking at Welsh fossils.

About this programme

2/6. An exploration of the history and culture of some of the most extreme locations in Britain. Nick Crane visits the Isles of Scilly, Ruth Goodman walks the dangerous path traversed daily by the Branscombe Cliff farmers in Devon, and Mark Horton investigates the Transatlantic Telegraph service. Meanwhile, Hermione Cockburn learns how the fossil of a large sea creature found at St David's Head, Pembrokeshire, shaped scientists' understanding of Earth's history.

Cast and crew


Nick Crane
Hermione Cockburn
Mark Horton
Ruth Goodman
Andy Torbet


Executive Producer
William Lyons
Series Editor
Steve Evanson