Series 2 - 8. Black Friday

About this programme

8/21. A body disappears from a shopping mall on the busiest day of the year, so Crews and Reese must locate the corpse before they are able to investigate the crime properly. Amid the confusion, Charlie receives an unexpected visit from an FBI agent. With Damian Lewis, Sarah Shahi and Adam Arkin.

Cast and crew


Detective Charlie Crews
Damian Lewis
Detective Dani Reese
Sarah Shahi
Ted Early
Adam Arkin
Captain Kevin Tidwell
Donal Logue
Bobby Stark
Brent Sexton
Jennifer Conover
Jennifer Siebel
Zak Sutter
Kyle Gallner
Mickey Rayborn
William Atherton
Special Agent Paul Bodner
Shashawnee Hall
Erika Hutton
Brianne Davis
Karen Sutter
Mary Matilyn Mouser
Dave Harris
Marcus Giamatti
Steven Crowley
Bonnie Hellman