Radio Times
Review by:
Geoff Ellis

This wonderfully imaginative programme will give carers of small children real pleasure, both in their charges’ reactions and for the programme itself. The rest of us can engage our inner child and enjoy what is one of the best programmes on TV. Before you disagree, just ask yourself who puts the colours in the rainbow? Today, Fuffacloud plays a mischievous trick on the babies.

About this programme

Fuffa sees an opportunity for mischief and suggests to each of the Cloudbabies that the door of Cloudy House needs a new coat of paint. Each Cloudbaby resolves to paint the door in their favourite colour. None can understand why, when they have painted the door in their favourite colour, it isn't that colour when they return. Of course, another Cloudbaby has already painted over it. When they finally realise what has gone on, they confront Fuffa, who simply says she didn't tell them to paint the door in any particular colour. As they fail to resolve which colour to paint the door, some errant rainclouds rain on the door and make a mess of all the colours. Rainbow suggests to them that they had the solution all along. He is made of many colours and looks fabulous. The Cloudbabies all paint their favourite colour in stripes on the door and soon it is looking wonderful again.