Miss Marple

Series 1 - 5. Murder at the Vicarage

About this programme

5/12. Feature-length episode. An unpopular colonel is found dead in the vicarage of St Mary Mead and investigations reveal no shortage of suspects - including the vicar and members of the victim's family. Christmas edition from 1986, starring Joan Hickson, Paul Eddington and James Hazeldine.

Cast and crew


Miss Marple
Joan Hickson
Lawrence Redding
James Hazeldine
Rev Leonard Clement
Paul Eddington
Griselda Clement
Cheryl Campbell
Col Lucius Protheroe
Robert Lang
Ann Protheroe
Polly Adams
Lettice Protheroe
Tara MacGowran
Christopher Hawes
Christopher Good
Mrs Lestrange
Norma West
Dr Haydock
Michael Browning
Det Inspector Slack
David Horovitch
Det Sgt Lake
Ian Brimble
Bill Archer
Jack Galloway
Mary Wright
Rachael Weaver
Mrs Price-Ridley
Rosalie Crutchley
Miss Hartnell
Barbara Hicks
Miss Wetherby
Kathleen Bidmead
Mrs Salisbury
Debbie Davis
Fred Abbot
Tony Brandon


Julian Amyes
George Gallaccio
TR Bowen