Miss Marple

Series 1 - 11. They Do It with Mirrors

They Do It with Mirrors

About this programme

11/12. Feature-length episode of the mystery drama. The sleuthing senior citizen is urged by an old friend to visit her sister as she is convinced something is wrong. Miss Marple heads for the country to investigate and it is not long before a heated argument in a locked room ends with a gunshot that leaves a man dead. Jean Simmons and Joss Ackland guest star, with Joan Hickson.

Cast and crew


Miss Marple
Joan Hickson
Carrie-Louise Serrocold
Jean Simmons
Lewis Serrocold
Joss Ackland
Detective Chief Inspector Slack
David Horovitch
Det Sgt Lake
Ian Brimble
Ruth Van Rydock
Faith Brook
Edgar Lawson
Neal Swettenham
Mildred Strete
Gillian Barge


Norman Stone
George Gallaccio
TR Bowen

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